Lighting the Show

First LED LampThis experiment has been a fun challenge so far. I have been exploring how to get most light out of the least amount power.

I have started by identifying areas that will need lighting and breaking these categories down into projects. I have determined that I will need lights for basic illumination, some lights to add texture and provide safety for the actors, pathway lighting, and special lighting to highlight unique set pieces and costumes.

Since I will need the most light for the least amount of power I started learning what I could about LEDs. The first LED project I tackled was building my own LED light following the instructions at

The first lamp I made did not have the LEDs wired up in the correct configuration. This first attempt is pictured in the above photo.

Faux Glass FlowersI found several interesting DYI posts on making flowers out of recycled pop bottles. I tried following the instructions and began to develop my own technique. I also have been experimenting with lighting the faux glass flowers with reused agricultural cloth to diffuse
the light and LED strip lights.
Faux Glass Flowers